THE BLUE BEINGS: Visitation at the UFO Conference

John Polk
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"It was a full moon on the evening of Saturday, August 29, 2015, at the Experiencers Speak Conference 4, at the Fireside Inn, in Portland, Maine. The Experiencers Speak conference is an event for people who have personally experienced otherworldly contact. People come from all over the world to share their stories and listen to others talk about what they have witnessed.

That night, four visitors not of this world, reality, or dimension, arrived just as world-famous experiencer Travis Walton was to share the new documentary, 'Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton' about his abduction story. My name is John Polk. I am an eyewitness as to what happened that night."

The story of the Blue Beings visiting the UFO conference has made the rounds of UFO talk radio and the experiencer underground. Some witnesses have come forth publicly and others have not. It had been said by many in the know that ET come and visit such conferences, but seldom do they make themselves known, more likely to disguise themselves, not call attention to themselves. In this visitation, they wanted to be known, but in a subtle kind of way and chose the most likely audience to do this, not defy the zeitgeist and appear before a roomful of skeptics, but visit a roomful of experiencers. What does this mean? You the reader can decide for yourself when you read this fascinating account. 

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THE BLUE BEINGS: Visitation at the UFO Conference

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